What Happened to Perfora After Shark Tank India?

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What is Perfora?

Perfora is an oral care brand based in India. They have created made-safe certified toothpaste. They create toothpaste using the natural ingredients.

They don’t sell only toothpaste but also electric toothbrush, alcohol-free mouthwash, smart water flosser & different teeth whitening products.

They make personalized electric toothbrushes also. If you want you can have your name carved in the electric toothbrush.

Who is the Founder of Perfora?

Jatan Bawa & Tushar Khurana are the founders of Perfora. They met each other in an entrepreneurship program called Jagriti Yatra. It’s the same platform where Bullspree founders met each other.

Before working together on Perfora, they both were working on different startups.

Tushar Khurana takes care of the sales, accounting, and finance. Jatan Bawa takes care of product development, operations, supply chain, and communication.

They want to become a global brand and reach 1 Crore users in the next 5 years. They want to disrupt the oral care industry and want to be in the industry for at least 25 years.

Perfora Before Shark Tank India?

They started the company in August 2021. Till now, they’ve served more than 40,000 customers.

How much did they ask for on the pitch?

They came to Shark Tank India seeking ₹80 Lakhs for 1% equity in the company. Which gives the company a valuation of ₹80 Crores.

How much money did they raise for Perfora?

They’ve raised two rounds till now.

DateMoney RaisedValuation
April 2021₹2 Crores₹13 Crores
February 2022₹7 Crores₹39 Crores

How to get Perfora?

You can get Perfora from their brand website. You can also get Perfora from different marketplaces. They are pretty active on social media platforms also. They have 93.5k followers on Instagram.

Unit Economics of Perfora

Perfora is not cheap. The price of their toothpaste is 249.

What is the Annual Sales of Perfora?

Currently, they are not making any money. They are burning ₹27 Lakhs per month. Their monthly sales are 77 Lakhs. Their gross margin is 57%.

Which shark gave Perfora an offer?

Vineeta Singh & Namita Thapar gave the 1st offer. They offered ₹80 Lakhs for 4%.

Anupam Mittal was out. He thought they didn’t do anything extraordinary to acquire more and more customers.

Aman Gupta was out because he thought the valuation of the company was too high.

Peyush Bansal offered a three-shark deal. He offered ₹80 Lakhs for 2.5%.

Offer 1Offer 2
Vineeta Singh & Namita Thapar – ₹80 Lakhs for 4%Peyush Bansal, Vineeta Singh & Namita Thapar – ₹80 Lakhs for 2.5%

What deal did Perfora get in Shark Tank India?

Perfora got a deal from Namita Thapar, Vineeta Singh & Peyush Bansal from Shark Tank India. The deal was closed at ₹80 lakhs for 2.5%.

Company NamePerfora
FounderJatan Bawa & Tushar Khurana
Asked Amount₹80 lakhs for 1%
Final Deal₹80 lakhs for 2.5%
SharksNamita Thapar, Vineeta Singh & Peyush Bansal
Company Net Worth₹32 Crores
Company Websiteperforacare.com
Company StatusIn Business

What is the net worth of Perfora?

Currently, the net worth of Perfora is ₹32 Crores.

Is Perfora still in Business?

Yes, Perfora is still doing business in the oral care sector.

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