HummViewer Shark Tank Update

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Every once in a while, you see a product in the Shark Tank and you wonder if it is really necessary to have it. Will it ever become a full-sized business?

In this article, I’m going to talk about a similar product that was aired recently on Shark Tank. The name is HummViewer. You can already guess that the product will be related to the hummingbird.

The creator of HummViewer is John and Joan Creed. The Creed couple. From the very first moment, it was pretty clear that they were really excited about this. The product name is HummViewer and they came seeking 75,000$ in exchange for 10% of the company.

Now let’s talk about the product itself. It’s basically a big transparent mask. It has three nozzles from which hummingbirds can eat. It’s basically a hummingbird feeder.

When you have food there hummingbirds will come flying and they will eat and you will get a spectacular view.

So, you must be wondering what will attract the hummingbird to come, well, in the Hummviewer, you will put sugar water.

The nectar is pretty easy to make.

Just boil water, and add sugar. Then stir the liquid until it’s dissolved. Then let it cool before using. Once you create the nectar you can refrigerate it for the next 2 weeks.

So, it’s a fun project you can say. Will the sharks take a bite into it? Let’s see.

Before completely dismissing the product, sharks asked a few questions.

Like, how long will it take before any hummingbird comes?

The answer to that is, that it will take some time to get the birds comfortable with it. Just replace the usual bird feeder and sit wearing the Hummviewer until the birds get fully comfortable.

The couple said they sold the product for $59.95 and the cost of making it was $10. But when I visited their website I saw they are now selling it for $69.95. So, that’s a jump of $10 just after airing the episode.

They’ve sold around 500 units of Hummviewer, which comes to around $29,975. Which is great if you ask me.

How did it all get started?

John made it for himself and took it to a family outing in the mountains. He took a couple of photos and posted them online. Then a local news reporter reached out to him and made a news on this product. After publishing the news, he got a call and made 12 sales. After that, he realized he could make a business out of this. He also got himself a patent for it.

Then he contacted a TikTok hummingbird influencer and that guy made a video featuring the product. The video got 3.2 million views.

Who’s the TikTok influencer you may ask? He’s James Manzo also known as hum.daddy.

So, did any of the sharks give an offer? While Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, and Lori Greiner politely declined, there was one shark left, Daniel Lubetzky.

Daniel got very much emotional with the whole hummingbird product. It turns out he had a fair share amount of hummingbird memories from his childhood. So he was interested in this product.

Daniel wanted to offer $75,000 for 50% but later he revised the offer to $75,000 for 33%. Making him 1/3 partner of the company.

The couple was very excited when they got this offer. They didn’t ask for any counteroffer and immediately accepted.

The episode ended with the three of them hugging each other upon successfully completing the deal. Of course, Daniel was wearing the Hummviewer.

It was a very wholesome moment to witness, not going to lie.

You can check the product yourself on this website if you want to.

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