Can You Write 3000 Words Per Day

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If you don’t know about Niche Pursuits website, let me tell you something about it first. Spencer is the owner of this website and he’s been sharing tips and tricks and case studies and whatnot about making niche websites since forever. I’ve learned a lot of things from this website.

I’m also part of their Facebook group. Recently a post by Spencer caught my eye. It was something about spending almost 17k$ on a website, and he spent almost 50$ per 1000 words on content for that website.
That made me think, how much can I make if I start charging people the same amount?

So, right now, I can write 3000 words easily per day. If I don’t take any holiday in a year and work every single day for 365 days, how much content will I be able to produce?

The math is simple, I’ll be able to make 365 * 3000 words, which means 1,095,000 words per year. And if I charge 50$ for that, that equates to somewhere around 54,750$.

If I didn’t make any mistakes in my calculation then 54,750$ is basically what my net worth per year is.

When I thought that, it instantly made me realize, wait, that’s a lot of money. I mean, when I started digging, I found out, actually, my net worth will be more than that. How? Let me explain.

Whenever you go to any broker marketplace for any websites, like MotionInvest Empire Flippers or FEInternational, you see tons of websites being sold at 40/50 times valuation.

So, what if I keep producing content and make a portfolio of websites, and then flip them over the years?

Wouldn’t that increase my net worth even more? I mean, that’s pretty fascinating when I was thinking all these things to myself.

But, it’s just another hypothesis. What can I do to check this?

I can actually do this for a whole year, and then check the result.
I mean, if my calculations are right, then the result will also be something similar to that.

What do you think?

So, I’ve decided to give this a try, next 1 year I’ll be producing 3,000 words every single day, and after that, I can share my result. I love writing. Writing something and expressing that thought to millions of people fascinates me.

So, what’s the plan? Will there be only 1 website or 10 websites? I don’t know. Right now I’m working on 1 website. At this moment it has 31 articles. My plan is to have at least 500 pieces of content on this website. It shouldn’t take more than 100 days to achieve. I have some help with that website. So, yeah, let’s see. Hope for the best.

I’m also planning on making a website where I can teach other people how to write fast. The habit of writing something, and creating something is very powerful. It’s all about storytelling. If you can tell stories and hook people with your stories, then my friend, money will be a byproduct to you.

Think of JK Rowling, all it took was just 1 book, 1 Harry Potter book, and the rest was history. And why she’s a billionaire?

Because she shared stories like no other people. That’s the ability one should try to achieve.

Because if you can be a good storyteller, everything else just falls into place randomly.

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