How to Write 219 Articles in 1 Year

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Do you want to write 219 articles in 1 year? Without spending any money? I’ll share with you today how you can do that.

But before that, let me share a story with you. It’s a story about how I fell in love with a Book.

If I could gift everyone one book to read, do you know what book it’ll be? It’ll be Atomic Habits. This book changed my thought about how to create a habit, how to stick to a habit, basically everything related to habit.

Just to give you an example, today is 27th May. And I’m writing this content. This content will be roughly 1000 words. This is my limit per day. I can write 1000 words without breaking a sweat.

This is something I learned from “Atomic Habits” book. To keep your goal easy and achievable. I could set my goal of 5000 words per day. But then it will be too much pressure for me to accomplish. I’m not saying I can’t do 5000 words, I can, but I won’t be able to continue it for a long time.
1000 words are easy to continue.

Suppose I publish one content for the rest of the year. That’s 219 contents. This content could be easily published by different freelancers. But then it would’ve cost me $10,950, which I’m saving by simply investing 1 hour per day.

Now a website having 219 content is really valuable, it can be sold for higher multiples. So, it’s basically making a business out of thin air.
Now let’s think about exercise. I can easily manage 15-30 minutes per day. Doing some simple home exercises daily won’t do me any harm, and if I continue it for a longer period of time, I can get really good health benefits from it.

The same thing goes for investing money. I’ve been saving some money in my bank account every week. The amount is really small. Only $10 maybe. But when I’m doing this every week, I’m building a habit of saving money. When you think about $10, you may think it is too low.

But when you’re doing this for maybe 30 years. You’re actually saving $15,600. It’s a good amount and can be used for a variety of things. I’m just giving you an example of what can be done.

So, when you’re reading a book like Atomic Habits, you may think this book will only help a certain group of people. But in reality, this book will help everyone in every sector if it’s utilized properly.

I want to build an authority website. This habit can help me build one. I can simply publish 3 articles each day, and after a year I’ll have 1095 content in one website. Which is huge. If all those 1095 articles are on one niche, do you realize how powerful that authority website will be?

This is the same technique I used in Amazon KDP, and published 1300+ low-content books. It wasn’t possible in one day. But I kept doing it and after a certain period of time, I was able to achieve that milestone.

So next time you think of building a new habit, just give the book Atomic Habits a read. And you’ll find amazing results.

It’s really important that you have a comfortable workspace. If you have a cluttered one, then it’s really difficult to calm your mind and work properly.
So people who work from home, they find many obstacles during work. One solution can be using a co-working place. There’s a co-working place called Moar in my place. I can easily use that and grab my laptop to work peacefully for a couple of hours. That way I’m getting an office-like environment.

It’s really important to revise your goal every once in a while and fine-tune it. Suppose you’re a YouTuber and want to make 1 video every single week. But after 1 month you’ve realized you’ve only made 2 videos instead of 4. That means with your current lifestyle, it’s hard for you to make 4 videos.

So, you can fine-tune your habit and make it 1 video per 2 weeks. That way you’ll stay motivated to do your job. You won’t feel bad thinking you’re unable to do your job.
Put everything in excel. Excel is a great tool. If you’re not good at Excel, I’d suggest you give it a try and learn. It will only improve your life. You can write every single detail in your Excel file and that way you’ll have a track record of everything. You don’t have to remember anything. Your Excel will do the job for you.

When you’re doing the work properly it’s important to pamper yourself. Tell yourself that you will reward yourself if you complete that. You will then realize you’re doing your work more efficiently. How cool is that?
That’s how basically you can write 219 articles in 1 year with zero investment.

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