How to Use Google Web Stories

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So, recently I learned about Google web stories. I’ve heard Facebook story, Instagram story, but I had no idea what Google web story is. So, I was curious. People who know me they know that everything related to web triggers me. If it is something new to me, then I just have to learn it.

I may not implement it right away, but I will try to gain as much knowledge as possible. So, I started googling and I searched for YouTube videos.

YouTube videos just blew me away because almost every other video on Web Story had the same thing in the title. Do you know what that is?

It was something like, “How I made “x” amount of money with Google Web Stories. Seeing all these videos I was super curious. It made me sad at the same time, because everyone else are becoming millionaire. And here I am, who don’t even know how to get started.

But one thing that struck me the most is, almost everyone talking about Google web stories are Indian. Then I found out, Google has made this service available in only 3 countries. Brazil, United States and India. So, that’s why majority publishers are from India.

And from my previous knowledge I know that, in blogging sector, Indians are pretty much dominating for a long period of time.

So, this one channel caught my attention, actually two.

The first one is “Learn and Earn with Pavan Agrawal”. He has tons of videos. One thing I liked about this channel is he made a lot of interview type content. Mostly with people who made it big with web stories. So, from these videos I got a clear perspective that what is achievable in the web stories industry.

There are multiple teenagers doing great with web stories and these videos will definitely boost your confidence. He has shown the entire process himself also. So, if you know Hindi language then you can certainly follow his YouTube channel.

Another channel that I liked is “Satish K Videos”. The video quality of this channel is top notch. And I really liked how he edited all his video content. He also has full video tutorial on how to use Web Stories to make money. But again, the only barrier is you need to know Hindi language.

So that’s pretty much two YouTube channels you can see if you’re interested in Web Stories.

Now if I tell you my perspective, basically you have to have a website. And you need to have Google AdSense enabled on it.

After that you can make web stories and earn with it. If you use WordPress, you can do this very easily. They have a plugin called “Web Stories” by Google, which has 100k installations.

You can just install the plugin, then you can go to the dashboard. In Settings you just have to upload your publisher logo, which size is 96px x 96px. Then you have to add your Google AdSense publisher ID, the ad slot number and you’re good to go. You can now create your own web stories.

You web story will have a path like sitename(.)com/web-stories/slug-of-your-web-story. You can see for yourself whether your web stories have indexed or not.

One web story can have minimum 5 slides up to 30 slides. The images used in web story need to be high quality.

Now you may wonder, actually where people will find my web story, good question.

The answer is Google Discover. When people open Google Chrome, they can see your web story and if you have linked one of your website contents then people may end up in your website also.

So, it’s actually a pretty decent way to increase your website traffic. The more indexed web stories you have, the more traffic you can have. So, the sky is the limit.

People are having 10-20 million traffic in their website and the number is crazy. People are making anywhere between 1000 – 50000$ with web stories. So, the earning potential is huge as well.

Google has realized that there are people who wants to read short content. To cater that audience, they came up with such idea.

Web stories is still relatively new. It’s only been 2 years since its launch. Only time will tell how big it can be. But up until then, we can play with this thing and reap the benefits from this.

Did you like this content? If you previously haven’t heard about Google Web Stories, now you have and now you don’t have any excuse of not using it.

And if you are using it, how are you liking it so far? Are you facing any challenges doing it? How many web stories can you create per day?

Let me know in the comment section below. I’ll bring you more money-making ideas in this website and for that bookmark my website.  

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