Humix Earning Report March 2023

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I know a lot of you want to earn money with Humix but don’t know how to do that. Of course, Humix is still a new thing and not many people are using it still. That’s why you need to start using it and reap the benefits before everyone else.

In this article, I’m going to share my Humix journey with you guys. How I uploaded my videos on Humix and how I’m generating a significant amount of money every month from it.

I’m not earning that much money with Humix, but whatever I’m earning at this moment it’s completely passive income. Do you want to know how much I made last month?

Well, in March I made a total of …

Drum roll, please.

I made a total of 31.61$

I know it’s not much but it’s passive income and that’s all that matters to me. If I can get extra 30 bucks without doing anything per month, I’m sure taking it.

But how did I come this far? And how you can replicate this as well?

To do that you need to have a website that’s monetized with Ezoic. Humix is a part of Ezoic that only approved website owners can use to increase their revenue.

If you don’t have a website I’d suggest you make one and get it approved. After that, you can integrate Humix into your website.

Humix is an alternative to YouTube. People upload their videos on YouTube to earn money. But after Logan Paul did that Japan thing, it’s really hard to get monetized on YouTube. 

One needs to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time to get monetized on YouTube. It’s a long process and often time people don’t get approved also.

In Humix, there are no such criteria. If you get approved in Ezoic then you can automatically use Humix.

You can upload in 1 of 3 ways on Humix.

  1. Upload New Video: Here you have to upload your video on Humix directly. You can write all the necessary information related to your videos such as description, keywords, category, etc.
  2. Upload Video Batch: Here you can upload your videos by providing the MRSS File URL.
  3. Import from YouTube: If you already have your own YouTube channel, then you can link your channel in these settings. Then you can just select your videos and click on Save and Humix will import your videos on your behalf. Humix will pull all the data like description, keywords, and category so that you don’t have to re-enter them. But you can’t import more than 10 videos at once.

In Humix there’s also a feature called Flickify where you can provide your article URL and Flickify will make 1 video for you. It’s amazing if you think about it.

Now I’m going to share my revenue with Humix since I started so that you can take a look into my journey of how much I was getting in the initial phase.

So I started using Humix in September. Initially, I was only getting pennies from Humix. You can take a look at this table and you will realize how much I was earning back in those days.


In Humix, you can access every video on a tab called Studio. There you can delete any video you want to.

With Analytics you can take a look into which videos are performing the best, with this information you can create more similar content and increase your revenue.

Let’s talk about views now. Exactly how Humix works and how these videos get views.

There are three ways you can get views.

  1. Owned: If your videos are being shown on your website then you will get views in owned section.
  2. Displayed: If your website shows other people’s videos then you will get views in the displayed section.
  3. Shared: If your videos are being shown on other people’s websites then you will get views in the shared section.

So, in hindsight, you’re getting earnings from three different methods.

In Ezoic there are different levels and earnings can vary from one level to another. If you’re only in level 1 then you’ll earn less compared to someone who is in level 3 or VIP.

The moment I’m writing this content I’ve almost 860+ videos live on Humix. If I can produce more quality content in the future, then the earning will only get bigger I assume.

Right now, I’m trying to upload at least 20 videos per day. If I can continue doing this, I’ll have 6,000+ videos by the end of this year and earnings should be at least 500$ per month if I’m not wrong.

And this will be passive income. For many people, 500$ might not be a lot of money, but I’ll take it.

When it comes to passive income I’m a big fan of even a cent.

Also, I’m trying to record all my activity on this website. Do you guys enjoy reading my point of view of different scenery?

I plan on writing 1000 words every single day for the rest of my life. That means 365 articles in 1 year. 3650 articles in 10 years. I mean it doesn’t all have to be on 1 website. But I certainly am trying to build this into a habit.

I believe in small steps and I think someday I’ll make this website one of the most valuable resources out there. Sometimes it’s hard and I don’t feel like writing at all. But then again I make myself committed that I have to do it no matter what.

From now on I will write 1 content every day and that’s a promise. I still haven’t found the proper time to write. I think I can write better early in the morning when everyone’s sleeping. There’s a calm atmosphere that helps in writing. What do you think?

So that’s a wrap for this article. Do check out my website because I’ll be churning new content tomorrow and who knows what the topic will be. It might be on Pokemon.

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