How Finance with Sharan is Dominating YouTube

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If you’re regular on YouTube these days, then you’ll see one guy popping up every now and then giving you financial advice with his witty, charming 60 seconds shorts. And it always ends like, wait for it, follow my man, Finance with Sharan. You know whom I’m talking about.

Building the Brand Finance with Sharan: With the upload of each video, Sharan started seeing more and more people liking his content. It’s not every day you see someone as young as Sharan providing entertainment value wrapped up in financial advice. So, eventually, this Finance with Sharan has become a brand and is doing pretty well for itself.

Sharan Hegde is the man behind the brand Finance with Sharan. He had a very normal childhood, like most of us have. But the concept of money was put very well into his system from the very early of his childhood. You’ll see a lot of kids who are spoiled with money. Parents literally buy them anything they want because parents want to show that they care about their children. But it doesn’t always take a positive effect.

Once you get everything in life without struggle, you don’t value the money. Sharan Hegde had a budget threshold of 100 rupees. His dad used to take him to a toy store, but he couldn’t buy anything that was worth more than 100 rupees. So Sharan started valuing money very early stage of his life.

Academic Life: 

Sharan was quite brilliant in his classes. He used to think that knowledge could make someone as rich as he wanted. Money became a motivator for him, and he started topping classes.

Sharan always wanted to be rich. By this time, we all know it.

During childhood Sharan used to search on Google for “who’s the richest man in the world,” and obviously, Bill Gates would pop up. And Sharan used to think to himself that only 50 billion $ was needed to surpass Bill Gates. How innocent he was.

Sharan studied mechanical engineering, and from that, he was quick to realize that he was more interested in finance rather than mechanical engineering. He was part of a club that used to build Formula 1 concept cars, and he was in charge of the engine. Later he became the CFO and handled finance and realized it’s actually financing that is his cup of tea, not mechanical engineering.

How Sharan Got Started

So, Sharan used to save money all the time. Maybe his parents gave him some money, he didn’t spend the entire thing, saved some of it also. By the time he was a 3rd-year student, he had 50k/60k rupees saved up in his arsenal. He wanted to grow the money as he wanted to be the richest man in the world. That’s when he started doing his research on personal finance, and everything seemed so fascinating to him. He was enjoying the content. 

At the same time, he was thinking about creating his own unique content as well. He first used to make long-form content but later switched to short-form content like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. He makes his videos in such a way that it’s both entertaining and to watch and valuable.

FIRE number of Sharan Hegde

Like many smart people, Sharan has calculated his FIRE amount also. It has come down to 6 crores. With 10% growth, the annual return will be 6 lac. From 3 lac will go into lifestyle maintenance, and another 3 lac will go down to beat 5% inflation.

So, have you ever calculated your FIRE amount? What do you think about this? How much money do you need right now if you want to retire early in your life?

Daily Life of Sharan Hegde

So now I’ll give you a summary of Sharan Hegde. It won’t be brief, but you’ll get an idea of how he operates his daily life. Sharan utilizes his morning hours working on a course. He’s writing a book as well. So that work is also done in the morning. Expect one amazing course and book coming from Sharan anytime soon.

In the afternoon, Sharan shoots his video, as daylight is very important for video creation. Then he also. Later in the afternoon, he sits down with his research team and does some meetings.

He also visits stand-up comedy open mics every now and then as he wants to work with talented comedians.

Sharan also likes to take vacations outside the country. If you give Sharan two options where one option is a car and another option is a vacation, then Sharan will choose the vacation without any doubt.

Most people think Sharan is built with these acting skills, but that’s not true. Even he wasn’t this good when he started. That’s why if you’re bad at something, just keep on doing it, keep practicing it, and keep improving by 1% every day. One day you’ll see for yourself that you’ve aced that skill.

When you’re watching Sharan’s video, it may seem to you that it takes only a couple of minutes to shoot the video, but in reality, it takes a lot more time than that. That’s where Sharan’s perfection comes in place.

Currently, Sharan has 209 videos on his YouTube channel and over 1.12 million subscribers. You can check the channel here. He also has an Instagram account with 1.9 million followers.

He also has a website where he offers his course. 

This young man is providing a lot of value to the Indian community. I hope he prospers more.

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