Learn How Anushka Rathod Makes Finance Videos

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If you don’t know who Anushka Rathod is, reading this article will change that.

Anushka is a 24-year-old content creator, a pretty good one. She grew up in Surat but not anymore. Recently she moved to Bangalore. She makes content on Finance Niche. So before diving into her journey, let’s see what her childhood was like.

Did she have a lot of money growing up?

She noticed two different types of spending very early in her childhood. On the one hand, there was her mom, who was spending like crazy. She was living her life to the fullest, buying things for herself and her children, and on the other hand, there was her dad, who was very calculative with his spending. Both parents were working. So, she was quick to decide which route she should choose in terms of money management. Dad won in this case.

Another important thing that shaped Anushka was she used to live in a joint family. And almost everyone in the family was related to business in one way or another. So, she heard about money a lot. Earning, saving, and investing money was like a daily conversation in the household for her.

So when your family is business-centric, it helps a lot. Imagine people around you pushing you to do business, helping you make money, and giving you suggestions about investing. Wouldn’t that be something?

Most of us start making money after we graduate, right? But not in Anushka’s case, she started making money in her first year in college. What was I doing in my first year? Probably playing Pokémon and making stupid YouTube videos.

anushka rathod

One thing that makes me curious is how young people handle money. I mean, the temptation is there to spend it and buy the things that you want. Was it Anushka’s case also? Not really.

You see, Anushka was very calculative with her expenditure. Even when she was earning only 16,000 rupees, she had a comfortable life. Because she didn’t buy the Gucci bag the first thing she receives a paycheck.

Anushka Rathod has two channels. Her main Anushka Rathod Finance channel has 225k subscribers when I’m writing this article and has 149 videos. Also, she has another channel (Anushka Rathod) which has 17.3k subscribers and 28 videos. She has a huge Instagram following, more on that later. But when did she start making content?

So Anushka was planning to go to the USA to pursue her MS at Duke University. This is 2020 I’m talking about, and you guessed it right, lockdown happened? So, the entire country was going through a lockdown. That’s when Anushka took the opportunity to make lifestyle videos. She’s always been super comfortable in front of the camera. 

So making content was really not an issue for her. Soon she started making finance videos when the country was hit by the second wave. She was making informative finance content, and one of her videos went viral. That’s when she gained a huge number of followers, and there was no looking back.

You will often hear people say when one door closes, another one will open with a new opportunity. The start of Anushka’s content creation journey is the perfect example of that.

In the Indian household, it’s tough to convince parents what sort of online activity you’re doing. It’s not their fault. It’s not normal for them to understand that a single video sponsorship money can fuel the whole month’s expense of a small family living in India. It was kinda same in Anushka’s house as well. Anushka had done CFA exams GRE, so her family wanted her to pursue a more stable job and maybe go outside for MS. But here, Anushka was killing the Internet with her witty, informative Finance videos.

Anushka’s main income source is her Instagram account, which you can check here. Which, by the way, has half a million followers. But Anushka wants to diversify her income stream. Hence the Bangalore move thing happened. She has 596 posts, and if you check them, you’ll find real solid concrete information packed with an entertainment package. So, it’s a no-brainer why people love her.

What makes Anushka different from other Instagram influencers is that she’s highly capable of money management. She has worked in similar sectors for quite some time, so it comes pretty naturally to her. 

She has a diversified investment portfolio, but as she’s young, she has the most money invested in equity. I become very jealous whenever I study these individuals because they are so smart. I didn’t even know the concept of investing for a very long period of my life, and kids these days are building businesses and managing assets like professionals; it’s crazy.

Anushka wants to make OTT content based on Fintech. She has her own team now, where she pays salaries. It’s quite motivating to see someone as young as Anushka doing so good with her life all alone.

So that’s all for today. You can check her social media profiles if you want to know more about Anushka Rathod. You can also check her LinkedIn to learn more career-oriented things she’s doing. It’s never too late to learn from someone, even if they are younger than you.

With that note, I’m signing off. I’ll catch you in another post.

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