Realme Narzo 50 Review

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This Realme Narzo 50 review will show you all the pros and cons of this phone. It’s not cheap. it’s not expensive. It stays in the budget segment. If you could buy this phone a couple of months prior to this, the expense would be much lower. But right now, the price has slightly increased, thanks to the global chipset shortage.


It has a Mediatek Helio G96 chipset. We are currently facing a chipset shortage, and during that time, having a gaming processor chipset will make your mobile experience smoother than ever. The chipset is built in 12 nm fabrication.

Helio G96 is 36% less powerful than Helio G95. But don’t worry, as your day-to-day tasks can be handled pretty easily with this G96 chipset.

Ram Rom

The phone comes with 4 GB 64 GB and 6 GB 128 GB variants. The rear panel and body are both made of plastic. It doesn’t have a secondary noise cancellation mic.


As it’s a gaming chipset, you can play the most popular games quite easily. Realme basically wanted to target young gamers who don’t have tons of money to buy a flagship phone but don’t wanna miss out on the gaming experience as well. For them, this is a budget gaming phone from Realme.

One thing to keep in mind is while gaming for 20/30 minutes, the phone will feel slightly warmer. That’s no issue actually. But if you play for longer hours, then you’ll definitely see some heat up in the phones.


Narzo 50 comes in two colours, speed blue and Speed black. So, why the colour name consists of the word speed anyway? Answer if you know.


The weight distribution of this phone is quite good. You won’t notice that you’re holding an almost 200 gm phone. It has a smooth edge. It will fit inside your hand perfectly.

The rear panel has a matt finish in it, that’s why you won’t notice any finger spot in it.

Card Slots

Narzo 50 has a triple card slot. You can use two sims, and with the memory card slot, you can extend the memory upto 1 terabyte. But is 1 terabyte really necessary for phone usage? Well, it might be if you make tons of videos.

Antutu Score

Realme Narzo 50 has an Antutu score of 307512, which is 42% more than Narzo 50A.

The camera cut-out is slightly uplifted. This is important because this camera bump will make the phone wiggle a little when kept on a surface.

Screen & Display

It has quite a big screen, 6.6 inches to be exact. The refresh rate is 120hz. Getting a 120hz smartphone at this price point is actually getting a lottery. It has a full HD plus IPS LCD display. It has a punch hole at the top. I wish it had an Amoled display though. Am I asking too much?

Color contrast is quite good in this phone. If you auto-select the refresh rate, then it will automatically change into 6 stages of refresh rates according to whatever content you’re playing in the phone. You can see the refresh rate content chart down here.

TV Play50hz
Information Stream90hz
Information Stream120hz

This feature is really good as it will save your phone battery a lot. Using the phone at 120hz all the time is not necessary. 

Despite the refresh rate you’re in, the phone won’t lag. You won’t notice any frame drop either. The user experience is really nice.

Maybe you’re a fan of different OTT platforms, and you consume that type of content on a regular basis. Fear not, as Narzo 50 will serve you great as well.

Fingerprint Sensor

Can anyone open and hack your phone? What’s the security of this phone is like? Well, let’s talk about that. It has a fingerprint sensor on the side button. It operates quite smoothly.

Battery Backup

I’ve good news regarding the charging issue. This phone has a 33-watt dart charger. You can have your Narzo 50 phone fully charged within 80 minutes. How cool is that? 

You can easily use up to 1 and a half days if you’re a light phone user. And if you use it heavily, then you can get up to 10 hours of screen time. Which is good, all thanks to the 5000 mah battery it has.

Android Version

It has Realme 2.0 UI and Android 11. The storage solution is UFS 2.1.

Let’s talk about ram management. If you have multiple apps running, then you may see some buffering using the apps. Sometimes some apps may even crash. To solve that, you can increase the virtual ram up to 3 GB.


Seeing the rear panel, you may get confused, thinking it has 4 cameras. But in reality, Narzo 50 has a triple camera setup. Let’s go to them one by one. 

The primary camera is 50 MP. It has 1 marco lens camera and 1 depth lens camera. Both are 2 MP. One major drawback of Narzo 50 is it doesn’t have any ultra-wide lens.

You can take good photos in daylight. Realme boost up the colors a bit. So be prepared to get social media-ready photos.

At night time, after taking a photo, the phone will automatically brighten up the picture a bit, even if you don’t have your night mode on.

It has a 16 MP selfie camera on the front. It takes decent photos as well. In the beauty mode, it will make you pretty, as usual. The mode stands by its name.


While shooting a video, you’ll miss 60 fps for sure.

It’s not a flagship Android phone, but rather a budget phone. It does have a lot of features, I must say. I think I’ve covered pretty much everything in this Realme Narzo 50 review.

The phone comes with a lot of pre-installed applications. Chances are you won’t need most of them. In that case, just uninstall those applications and keep the ones you’ll need.

Some of the cons of this smartphone are it doesn’t have Amoled display. It doesn’t have an ultra-wide camera. It has low ram. And the speaker is not stereo as well.

If you can make peace with this problem, then sure, go for this smartphone. Share with your friends if you liked this Realme Narzo 50 review. The choice is yours.

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