Moar Co Working Space in Dhaka

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If you’re a freelancer or you work remotely for a company and you need a place to work peacefully, then Moar can be a great solution for you. Moar is a co-working place where you can take your laptop at any time and work peacefully.

This solution is only available to Bangladeshi people. So, if you’re from any other 199 countries then you can ignore this article.

If you’re thinking about working in a co-working space but are not fully sure, you can visit any of their branches. They have 3 passes that you can avail. These 3 passes are hourly pass, daily pass, and experience pass.

Pass TypePriceAccessValidity
Hourly Pass150 BDT 1 Hour Hot DeskSame Day
Daily Pass600 BDTAll Day Hot DeskSame Day
Experience Pass1000 BDT10-Hour Hot Desk7 Day

Moar has three branches, Gulshan, Banani & Dhanmondi.
It opens at 8 am and closes at 10 pm. It’s closed on Fridays and government holidays.

They offer 3 membership

Started Membership
3000 / 30 Day -> 40 Hr / 30 Day
8000 / 90 Day -> 120 Hrs / 90 Day

Infinity Membership
10,000 / 30 Day -> Unlimited Hours
28,000 / 90 Day -> Unlimited Hours

All Access Membership
20,000 / 30 Day -> 40 Hr / 30 Day
50,000 / 90 Day -> 100 Hr / 90 Day

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