How to Write 1000 Words Everyday

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Hey everyone, how are you guys doing? Today I’m going to share my plan of writing 1000 words every day. It may not seem easy at first, but when you keep doing this over and over eventually you will see for yourself how easy it is. Check all my secrets down below if you too wanna know how to write 1000 words everyday.

Keep a clean desk

It is very important to clean the desk you’re writing in. When you sit in your working chair, if you have tons of things on the table it will automatically demotivate you to write. On the other hand, having a clean desk will encourage you to write more and be creative. So go now, remove all the unwanted things and make the best use of your desk.

Fix a time

People tend to write when they get inspiration from inside. I mean, many people don’t have any fixed time for writing. But for me, it doesn’t work like that. I need to have a specific time, and for me that is early in the morning.

During that time, my mind stays fresh and I can write whatever I want to write and not worry about it. As I’m writing early in the morning, I can further edit that and not be in any hurry. For me that is something to look out for.

Don’t edit while writing

This is something that works like a charm and if you’re already not doing this, implement this in your work process. When you’re editing while writing, you may not realize but you’re wasting a lot of time. So, what you can do is, write all you want and when you’re finished writing you can edit it yourself or use a software called Grammarly which will make your editing task easy.

Take small breaks

While writing it can get tiring and if you write continuously, you will get bored of writing. So, what you can do is you can take small breaks from time to time.

If you have a daily target of writing 1000 words, you can take a break after writing 500 words. Break doesn’t need to be long. You can just walk 5 minutes around the house and then get back to work again. This way you will feel like you’ve earned your break and also staring at the computer screen for too long is harmful for your eyes.

20-20-20 rule

If you don’t want to take any break you can use the 20-20-20 rule so that your eyes don’t get sored. What this rule means is after staring at the screen for 20 minutes you will move your eyes from the screen and stare at something else which will be 20 meters from you. And you will stare at that object for 20 seconds. This is basically the 20-20-20 rule which can help you from tiring eyes.

Read Other blogs

When you read other blogs, you will get more idea about how other successful writers are managing their websites. You will learn more writing patterns which you can later implement in your own website. When you read you gain knowledge not only on different topics but also how to creatively write anything. This will help you in the long run in your writing journey.

Keep small points

When you’re writing 1000 words post, you don’t need to write one long paragraph which will have 1000 words. Instead of writing from scratch, first make a plan of things you’re going to write about in that topic.

Suppose you want to write a blog post on how to setup a WordPress website. In that blog post you will give some information on WordPress, some information on hosting, some information on WordPress themes and plugins.

So, make sure you have these points figure out first. There will be an introduction and a conclusion and 8 other topics. When you individually tackle each topic and provide 100 words worth information, completing all 10 topics you will have 1000 words blog post which will be filled with information.

Benefits of writing everyday

If you manage to build this habit and write 1000 words every day, you can write 365 posts in a year. And a website with 365 well written articles is a gold mine which will provide you passive income in the long run.

You also saved tons of money as you’ve written all the content yourself. If you had to outsource the entire thing, it would cost you around 365 * 20 = $7300. If you’re short of money and want to make a decent website in a year then this method can be useful to you.

Give yourself prize

You can promise yourself a prize at the end of the month. Suppose you want to have dinner in a fancy restaurant. You can make that a prize that will help you write 1000 words everyday and stick to your habit. You can promise yourself that if you can write 1000 words everyday for the next 30 days then you’ll treat yourself that fancy restaurant dinner.

This treat can be anything according to your personality. Maybe you love traveling. Then you can travel for a week after successfully writing for 2 months. This is how you can engage yourself and keep track of your habit.

You can make someone act as your mentor and you can report to him/her of your daily accomplishment. Whenever you finish writing 1000 words you can report that to him/her. That way you will know that at the end of the day you have to report to someone and thus you won’t miss your daily writing.


I just want to say, writing 1000 words will never be easy. Heck 1000, writing 100 words won’t be easy when you’re starting this for the first time.

But believe me when you keep practicing and improving yourself eventually it will get better. It may not feel good from time to time. There will be days when you will NOT want to write. You won’t have the energy to open the laptop even. But even on those days you need to work and write because only this way you will be able to reach the position you’ve dreamt of reaching previous year.

So, buckle up your seatbelt and get going. If you have any writer friends then talk to them from time to time. Keep others engaged in your work so they can provide you positive feedbacks & criticisms to help you grow more.

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