Niche Pursuits Challenge to Build an SEO site with AI Generated Content

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I was scrolling my Facebook account when I noticed something interesting. Spencer Haws is organizing a challenge. A challenge to make an SEO website with AI content. The challenge will last for 6 months. The person with the most organic views after 6 months will be the winner.

And what will the winner get?

He or she will get $2500. That’s a big amount I must say. I was very tempted but at the same time, I was not sure whether I should enter the competition or not. So, after a couple of days, I checked the challenge page again.

Rules of the challenge:

By this time a community tab was created by Spencer. And everyone was putting their intro videos. So, this was like one of the rules. Whoever wants to join the challenge must provide an intro video. The video should highlight his name, his location, his current work profile, and the reason he thinks he might win the challenge.

So, I joined the community. There were already 50+ videos uploaded. I checked all of them. Some of them are really good. There were few with more than 15 years of SEO experience.

Some were relatively new. There were people from all over the world. And the age group was quite noticeable. From young kids to aged people, everyone was there.

Deep down everyone has the same goal. Everyone wants to learn something new. This time I was convinced that I should enter the challenge. So, I quickly made an intro video.

As I’m not new to this video-making process. Also, I’m not camera shy, it didn’t take much time to make the video. I made the script first, then I just recorded myself.

Check out my Intro video:

Also, the video can’t exceed more than 2 minutes, did I mention that?

So, I submitted my video. I didn’t think the participant amount would cross 60 but to my utter surprise, it was 140+.

I was happy because one of the rules of the challenge is, that everyone must provide a monthly update about their website and the tactics they are using to build that website. Now I can get my hands on 140 * 6 = 840 updates.

Even though I’m not sure what I’ll be offering to them. But I’m sure I’ll be getting tons of benefits in the next 6 months if I follow the challenge properly.

So, initially, there was only one challenge, but later another challenge was created. People who already have an existing website can take part in that one. They have to provide AI content and the time period is 90 days.

The challenge started on 20th September. So, it’s already day 4 running and I don’t even have my domain name.

I’m still planning on how to do this challenge. If you want to follow my journey, then you can keep an eye on this website. Here I’ll be updating my journey on a regular basis.

If you want to check the communities then you can check these:

Challenge 1: Build an SEO Site with AI Generated Content

Challenge 2: Grow an EXISTING Site with AI Generated Content

Spencer also made a video call before the challenge, where a couple of participants took part and raised their questions. You can check the video here as well.

Wish me luck, I may not win but I will learn a lot of things that’s for sure.

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