What Happened to Febris After Shark Tank India?

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Who is the Founder of Febris?

Vishal Bajas & his father Girdhar Bajaj are the founders of Febris. He’s a doctor by profession. He’s a practicing doctor in Ferozepur. He wanted to wear something unique in the hospital. He made unique scrubs for himself.

But later he found out that other aspiring doctors around him were also wearing those scrubs. That’s when he realized there could be a market for this.

Whenever we think of a doctor, we imagine a serious guy wearing light blue clothing. Everything has changed in this industry but the sky blue clothing is still the same.

The apron is gloomy and old-fashioned. To revive this old look, Vishal Bajaj thought of making something funky for the doctors and nurses. That’s when he came up with Febris. He wants to make this a global medical lifestyle brand.

How much money did they ask for Febris?

Vishal came to Shark Tank India seeking ₹1 Crore for 2.5% equity in the company. Which gives the company a valuation of ₹40 Crores.

What is Febris?

Febris makes colorful shirts for doctors and nurses. In Febris, you’ll get premium scrub caps, lab coats, badges, masks, socks, and other accessories that a doctor might need. They have scrub caps available with more than 150 designs.

Some USP of Febris

  1. Fabrics used in Febris will save you from germs. It is antimicrobial.
  2. It has spill-proof technology so any sort of liquid won’t damage your clothes.
  3. You won’t feel discomfort as it’s made of 100% breathable materials.
  4. You can stretch the cloth and do Yoga with it.

Vineeta Singh mentioned a US company called FIGS, which also provides different style options for doctors and nurses. She wanted to know whether Vishal got his idea from FIGS or not.

Vishal said his scrubs are of much higher quality. The products that the hospitals are currently providing are not up to the mark. Till now, he has sold scrubs in bulk amount to 10+ hospitals.

Aman Gupta was slightly confused because Vishal was involved in two separate works. One was saving lives and the other was doing business.

Currently, 70% of Febris’s sales are coming from the website. The rest 30% is from marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart.

What are the Annual Sales of Febris?

Fiscal YearAnnual Sales
2019 – 2020₹9 Lakhs
2020 – 2021₹67 Lakhs
2021 – 2022₹1.10 Crore
2022 – 2023₹2 Crores (Projected)

Last month’s sales ₹12.85 Lakhs. Among that ₹2.5 Lakhs was profit.

Which shark gave Febris an offer?

Aman Gupta was out because he wasn’t sure how serious Vishal was with the business.

Namita Thapar was out because she knew the hospital business very well. If a hospital is used to purchasing something at ₹700, then it would be really tough to make them purchase that same item for a higher value, just because the quality is better. It was bothering Namita & that’s why she was out.

Peyush Bansal was out because he thought the business could become big if the hospitals bought this in bulk quantity. That was not happening anytime soon.

Vineeta Singh was out because according to her this was the early stage of business and Vishal wasn’t doing this full-time either. But she admired his achievements till now.

Anupam Mittal didn’t like the valuation. He thought it wasn’t scalable at the moment. That’s why he was out.

Company NameFebris
FoundersVishal Bajas & Girdhar Bajaj a
Asked Amount₹1 Crore for 2.5%
Final DealNo Deal
SharksNo Shark
Company Net Worth₹40 Crores
Company Websitewww.febris.in
Company StatusIn Business

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