What Happened to Fit & Flex After Shark Tank India?

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What is Fit & Flex?

Fit & Flex is a food brand that offers a bunch of products under its umbrella. Like, Granola, Mini Bites, Multigrain Mixture, Muesli, Oats, etc. It offers food that is both healthy and tasty.

It offers oat-based breakfast cereals and different snacking products. Currently, Fit & Flex has 35 SKUs. Granola is the hero product.

Some of the key USP of Fit & Flex are,

  1. Real freeze-dried fruits
  2. Added prebiotic fibres
  3. Premium nuts
  4. Premium seeds
  5. Low sugar

Who is the Founder of Fit & Flex?

Pathik Patel is the founder of Fit & Flex. He’s a marathon runner like Vineeta Singh. He recently ran the Berlin marathon with a timing of 3:50. His personal best in marathon is 3:34.

He started running at the age of 34 ~ 35.

Besides Fit & Flex, he also runs a business in the cotton and chemical industry. The annual revenue of that business is ₹800 Crores.

Equity split of Fit & Flex


Fit & Flex Before Shark Tank India?

He started the company back in December 2019.

Fit & Flex has its own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This facility is basically European machinery. Using the machinery Fit & Flex can slow-bake the products in 360 degrees. This gives Fit & Flex an extra edge over its competitors.

The CapEx for the European machinery is ₹15 Crores.

How much money did he ask for on the pitch?

He came to Shark Tank India seeking ₹1 Crore for 3% equity in his company Fit & Flex. Which gives the company a valuation of ₹33.33 Crores.

How much money did he raise for Fit & Flex?

He used the profit from another business to fund this Fit & Flex initially. He didn’t raise any money from any outside investors. The debt for the factory is ₹6 Crores.

How to get Fit & Flex?

You can get Fit & Flex products from their website. They are available in more than 6,000 stores. They are also available in different ecommerce stores also.

Fit & Flex is also available in 500 UAE stores.

Unit Economics of Fit & Flex

The monthly profit of Fit & Flex is 7 ~ 8%.

Distribution margin32%

What are the Annual Sales of Fit & Flex?

Fiscal YearAnnual Sales
2019 – 2020₹12 Lakhs
2020 – 2021₹2.28 Crores
2021 – 2022₹2.9 Crores
2022 – 2023₹4.6 Crores
2023 – 2024₹8 Crores Projected

Sales split of Fit & Flex


Which shark gave Fit & Flex an offer?

Aman Gupta was out. He had problems with the founder running 3 businesses at the same time.

Vineeta Singh was out for the same reason.

Deepinder Goyal was out. He wasn’t okay with the marketing claim of the brand that it’s a healthy snack.

Anupam Mittal was out.

Namita Thapar initially offered him ₹25 Lakhs for 2.5% equity & ₹75 Lakhs debt at 10% interest for 3 years. She valued the company at ₹10 Crores. But when she realized that the machinery was not part of the company, she pulled out of the deal.

What deal did Fit & Flex get in Shark Tank India?

Fit & Flex didn’t get any deal in Shark Tank India.

Company Name Fit & Flex
Founder Pathik Patel
Asked Amount ₹1 Crore for 3%
Final Deal No Deal
Shark No Shark
Company Net Worth ₹33.33 Crores
Company Website fitandflex.in
Company Status In Business

What is the net worth of Fit & Flex?

The net worth of Fit & Flex is ₹33.33 Crores.

Is Fit & Flex still in Business?

Yes, Fit & Flex is still in the relatively healthy snacking business.

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