What Happened to Ostad After Shark Tank Bangladesh?

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What is Ostad?

Ostad is an online learning platform that people can use to upskill themselves. You may be wondering who the instructors in Ostad are. Well, here you’ll get all the industry professionals to guide you on your path. 

Using this platform people can learn efficiently. They can submit their assignments. They can get all the support they need to make their learning journey easy. 

Ostad provides job placement for students also. Till now 4000+ students have been employed through Ostad. 

Ostad has 46 live courses in different fields like programming, product design, digital marketing & content. More than 7000 students are actively earning after completing a course in the Ostad platform.

Did I mention that Ostad has a course completion rate of 90%? That’s pretty impressive for an e-learning platform if you ask me.

Who is the Founder of Ostad?

Five KUET graduate students Abdullah Musabbir, Fahim Siddique, Mridul Khandaker, Shariful Mubin, and Shourov Barua founded Ostad App back in 2020. To pitch their business idea Abdullah Musabbir & Shourov Barua came to Shark Tank Bangladesh. 

Abdullah Musabbir is the founder and CEO of the company. Shourov Barua is the co-founder and COO of the company. 

Ostad Before Shark Tank Bangladesh?

They started the company in a small room. In 4 years, they’ve come a long way. Ostad mainly serves 18 to 35-year-olds. 

They have students who are currently pursuing their education. They have students who have completed their graduation. Also, they have students who are working in the industry and want to upskill themselves. 

How much money did they ask for on the pitch?

They came to Shark Tank Bangladesh seeking 1 Crore BDT for 1.25% equity in the company Ostad. Which gives the company a valuation of 80 Crores BDT. 

How much money did they raise for Ostad?

They have diluted 15% equity to angel investors. They have the remaining 85% equity.

How to use Ostad?

If someone wants to enroll in any course, he can simply visit the website. After completing the payment, he’ll get access to all the course materials. The course materials are designed in different modules for easy learning. 

Unit Economics of Ostad

Ostad has 45 full-time & 22 part-time employees. Their monthly expense is 25 Lakhs BDT just for salary. That means they are spending 3 Crore BDT every year in salary alone. 

What are the Annual Sales of Ostad?

YearRevenueNet Profit
20237.5 Crores BDT35 Lakhs BDT
202425 Crores BDT (Projected)8 Crores BDT (Projected)


Which shark gave Ostad an offer?

Sausan Khan Moyeen was out. She didn’t have any expertise in the particular business. That’s why she didn’t give any offers. 

Faatin Haque was impressed by the idea. But she was out and didn’t give any offers. 

Kazi Mahbub Hassan, Sami Ahmed & Fahim Mashroor gave a combined offer. The offer was 1 Crore BDT for 3% advisory shares in the company and they have to repay 2 Crore BDT in 18 months.

Fahim Mashroor gave a second offer. He offered 1 Crore BDT for 10% equity in the company. 

Offer 1Offer 2
Kazi Mahbub Hassan, Sami Ahmed & Fahim Mashroor – 1 Crore BDT for 3% advisory sharesFahim Mashroor – 1 Crore BDT for 10%

What deal did Ostad get in Shark Tank Bangladesh? 

Ostad got a deal from Kazi Mahbub Hassan, Sami Ahmed & Fahim Mashroor in Shark Tank Bangladesh. The deal was 1 Crore BDT for 6% equity in the company Ostad App. 1.7% will be against money and the rest 4.3% will be advisory shares. 

Company NameOstad
FounderAbdullah Musabbir, Fahim Siddique, Mridul Khandaker, Shariful Mubin & Shourov Barua
Asked Amount1 Crore BDT for 1.25%
Final Deal1 Crore BDT for 6%
SharksKazi Mahbub Hassan, Sami Ahmed & Fahim Mashroor
Company Net Worth58.8 Crores BDT
Company WebsiteOstad.app
Company StatusIn Business

What is the net worth of Ostad?

The net worth of Ostad is 58.8 Crores BDT after the Shark Tank Bangladesh. 

Is Ostad still in Business?

Yes, Ostad is still in business.

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