What Happened to English Champ After Shark Tank Bangladesh?

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What is English Champ?

English Champ is a platform that teaches kids English online. Their target audience is the age group 4 to 14. 

Bangladesh is primarily a Bengali-speaking country. English is not their first language. But being fluent in English is very important in 2024. To solve that problem English Champ is working relentlessly. 

English Champ is a website-based startup. They are planning to launch their mobile application very soon. 

Who is the Founder of English Champ?

Taohidul Hasan & Hridoy Ahasan came to Shark Tank Bangladesh to pitch their business English Champ.

Taohidul Hasan is the co-founder of English Champ. He previously worked in branding & marketing for different multinational companies. Hridoy Ahasan is the Managing Director & Co-Founder of English Champ. 

English Champ Before Shark Tank Bangladesh?

At first English Champ generates leads for their business. Then they offer a free class. With the free class, they assign each kid an English fluency level. They have levels 1 to 8.

Then they form a batch of kids who have the same level. Each batch contains 6 to 7 students. This is also their main USP. 

They don’t offer recorded classes and they don’t take more than 7 students in each group. The main reason behind this is they want every kid to be monitored properly. 

English Champ has 40 faculty in total and has taught more than 1500 students. 30% of their students are from English medium and 70% from Bangla medium. 

English Champ follows a subscription model. In this model, each student has to pay 3000 Taka every 45 days. 

English Champ has a dedicated research team that designs all the course materials for students. 

The market size of English Champ

The total addressable market is 60 million people. Among that serviceable market is 25 million. 

How much money did they ask for on the pitch?

They came to Shark Tank Bangladesh seeking 50 Lakhs BDT for 10% equity in their company English Champ. Which gives the company a valuation of 5 Crores BDT

How much money did they raise for English Champ?

They raised money from 1 angel investor and diluted 5% equity of the company. 

How to get English Champ courses?

Just go to their website and you will find all the details. You can choose any course that you like. 

Equity Structure of English Champ

Angel Investor5%
Taohidul Hasan47.5%
Hridoy Ahasan 47.5%

Unit Economics of English Champ             

Faculty Payment33 Lakhs
Salary, Marketing & other expenses20 Lakhs
Profit2 Lakhs


Currently, English Champ is breaking even. Their customer acquisition cost is 500 Taka. 

What are the Annual Sales of English Champ?              

202210 Lakhs BDT
202355 Lakhs BDT
20241.5 Crore BDT


Which shark gave English Champ an offer?

Sausan Khan Moyeen was out. She felt the valuation was too high.

Faatin Haque was out. She thought the valuation was too high given their revenue number. 

Kazi Mahbub Hassan was out. He thought the valuation they asked for was too high. However, he was impressed by their work and encouraged them to work on it as it has potential.

Sami Ahmed & Fahim Mashroor gave them an offer. They offered them 20 Lakhs BDT for 20%. Also, they would give them 30 Lakhs BDT, which they need to pay back as royalty in 24 months. They valued the company 1 Crore BDT. 

Offer 1
Sami Ahmed & Fahim Mashroor – 20 Lakhs BDT for 20% & 30 Lakhs BDT, need to pay back as royalty in 24 months

What deal did English Champ get in Shark Tank Bangladesh? 

English Champ got a deal from Sami Ahmed & Fahim Mashroor in Shark Tank Bangladesh. The deal was 20 Lakhs BDT for 18% & 30 Lakhs BDT loan at 10% interest. 

Company NameEnglish Champ
FounderTaohidul Hasan & Hridoy Ahasan
Asked Amount50 Lakhs BDT for 10%
Final Deal20 Lakhs BDT for 18% & 30 Lakhs BDT loan at 10% interest
SharksSami Ahmed & Fahim Mashroor
Company Net Worth1.11 Crore BDT
Company Websiteenglish-champ.com
Company StatusIn Business

What is the net worth of English Champ?

After getting the Shark Tank Bangladesh deal, the net worth of English Champ is 1.11 Crore BDT.

Is English Champ still in Business?

Yes, English Champ is still in the business of teaching kids English. 

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