What Happened to Booktionary After Shark Tank Bangladesh?

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This is the 1st season of Shark Tank Bangladesh. Will it become as popular as its neighboring country Shark Tank India? Only time will tell.

What is Booktionary?

Booktionary is a website where people can buy books according to their needs. It has 2 franchises called “Booktionary Smart Library”. Booktionary mainly caters to the student’s group in Bangladesh. 

A lot of students can’t afford to buy original new versions of their educational textbooks. That’s where Booktionary comes in place. 

Who is the Founder of Booktionary?

Mehedi Hasan Nayon is the founder of Booktionary.

Booktionary Before Shark Tank Bangladesh?

The idea first came to mind when Mehedi was studying at university. He knew it was a big problem and he wanted to solve this problem for the mass audience in Bangladesh. 

He started the business back in 2019. He owns 100% of the business. 

Till now, Booktionary has sold more than 100k books through this website. In 2020, Booktionary began his offline operation in Rangamati and later in 2023, Mehedi opened 2nd franchise in Uttara. 

They are also working with different libraries. They want to provide everything related to this sector with their website. 

How much money did he ask for on the pitch?

Mehedi came to Shark Tank Bangladesh seeking 22 Lakh BDT for 10% equity in his company Booktionary. Which gives the company a valuation of 2.20 Crore BDT.

With the money, he plans on hiring 5 data entry operators. The monthly stipend for each operator will be 15,000 BDT. They will work for 18 months and the expense for that will be 13.5 Lakhs BDT. They will update all the SKUs the company currently has. 

How much money did he raise for Booktionary?

He previously raised money from friends and family. But he bought those shares back as business grew. He owns 100% now.

How to get Booktionary?

A student can easily go to the Booktionary website and search for the books he needs. He can search using his university name or his current semester. 

He can either buy new books or old books. If he buys old books, then the price will be much less. 

If someone is unable to purchase a book, then that information will be stored, and the book will be available the next day. 

After ordering a book, the buyer will pay the delivery charge. Inside Dhaka city, the charge is 60 BDT, and outside it is 100 BDT. 

What are the Annual Sales of Booktionary?

The lifetime sales of Booktionary are 1.5 Crore BDT. 

Fiscal YearAnnual Sales
2022 – 20233.6 Lakh BDT


Which shark gave Booktionary an offer?

Sami Ahmed & Nazim Farhan Choudhury gave a combined offer. They offered him 25 Lakh BDT for 15% & they will get 10 BDT per book royalty after 18 months.

Golam Murshed was out. He didn’t want to invest in the company.

Ahmed Leon Ali didn’t invest in the business as the products are physical. He’s more comfortable investing in digital products that might have a better future.

Navin Ahmed was out. She didn’t think the future generation would be interested in reading physical books. 

Offer 1
Sami Ahmed & Nazim Farhan Choudhury – 25 Lakh BDT for 15% & they will get 10 BDT

What deal did Booktionary get in Shark Tank Bangladesh? 

Booktionary got a deal from Sami Ahmed & Nazim Farhan Choudhury in Shark Tank Bangladesh. The deal was 30 Lakh BDT for 15% equity in the company & a royalty of 10 BDT per book after 18 months, till 45 Lakh BDT is recouped.

Company NameBooktionary
FounderMehedi Hasan Nayon
Asked Amount22 Lakh BDT for 10%
Final Deal30 Lakh BDT for 15% & royalty until 45 Lakh BDT is recouped
SharksSami Ahmed & Nazim Farhan Choudhury
Company Net Worth2 Crore BDT
Company Websitebooktionary.com.bd
Company StatusIn Business

What is the net worth of Booktionary?

After the Shark Tank Bangladesh deal, the valuation of Booktionary is 2 Crore BDT.

Is Booktionary still in Business?

Yes, Booktionary is still in the book business.

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