What Happened to Jugadu Kamlesh After Shark Tank India?

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Who is the Founder of K G Agrotech?

Jugadu Kamlesh is the founder of K G Agrotech. His full name is Kamlesh Nanasaheb Ghumare.

Jugadu Kamlesh has an elder brother, who works in the Indian Army. Jugadu Kamlesh is a farmer.

In order to spray pesticides in the field, farmers have to carry a 17-liter tank on their backs.

The tank itself is very heavy. On top of that, farmers spray the pesticides without wearing any proper safety gear. They get infections in their hand, and eyes doing this.

Jugadu Kamlesh wanted to help his fellow farmers. He wanted to create something new that could help them spray these pesticides in the field.

What is K G Agrotech?

He created a three-wheeler cart that could carry the 17-liter tank in the back. Then one can easily take that to the field and spray pesticides. One doesn’t need to bend his body in order to operate this machine. That’s why it’s very convenient for the body.

The cart can detach into two parts also. One can detach the cart and use it as a trolley to carry the pesticide tank.

Jugadu Kamlesh has many more plans with this cart in the future. He can add a seed-dropping feature in the cart which will be really useful for the farmers.

During this journey, Naru helped Jugadu Kamlesh a lot. That’s why Kamlesh brought Naru to the pitch.

How much money did he ask for K G Agrotech?

Jugadu Kamlesh came to Shark Tank seeking ₹30 Lakhs for 10% equity in the business. Which gives the company a valuation of ₹3 Crores.

He wanted the money to buy machinery so that he could build more carts and maximize the profit. For making the products he has Naru and other young people in his village.

K G Agrotech Before Shark Tank India?

There’s a video of Jugadu Kamlesh using his cart on his YouTube channel which went viral. The video has 13 million views till now. When the video went viral, many people contacted Jugadu Kamlesh. Many people commented on that video asking for the product. Jugadu Kamlesh saved all the numbers. He has 1000 – 2000 people’s contact details who want to buy the product.

Which shark gave K G Agrotech an offer?

Anupam Mittal was out because he didn’t have any expertise in the agricultural industry. But he was really impressed with Jugadu Kamlesh. He said he’d help him get government grants for his product.

Vineeta Singh was out because she thought Jugadu Kamlesh could easily get the money through crowdfunding.

Ghazal Alagh was out because she thought she couldn’t add any value to the company.

Namita Thapar was out. She said she’d help him contact the government agencies and crowdfunding. But for the time being, it was not an investable business for her.

Offer 1
Peyush Bansal – ₹10 Lakhs for 40% & ₹20 Lakhs debt at 0% interest

Peyush Bansal gave an offer. He offered ₹10 Lakhs for 40% equity. The rest of ₹20 Lakhs will be debt at 0% interest. Which gives the company a valuation of ₹25 Lakhs.

Jugadu Kamlesh will have 50% equity. Naru will have 10% equity.

Company NameK G Agrotech
FounderKamlesh Nanasaheb Ghumare AKA Jugadu Kamlesh
Asked Amount₹30 Lakhs for 10%
Final Deal₹10 Lakhs for 40% & ₹20 Lakhs debt at 0% interest
SharkPeyush Bansal
Company Net Worth₹25 Lakhs
Company WebsiteNone
Company StatusIn Business

What deal did K G Agrotech get in Shark Tank India?

Jugadu Kamlesh agreed and the deal was locked.

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