How to Stand on a Skateboard

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I still remember the first time I successfully stand on my skateboard. It was a feeling I can’t describe. But before that first successful attempt, I was terrified of standing on a skateboard. So if you’re afraid and having second thoughts of whether you should pursue this or not, I can relate to you. It just takes one successful attempt to stand on your skateboard, and it magically boosts your confidence so high that you can’t even imagine.

how to stand on a skateboard

Start on a soft surface

One of the main problems new learners face is that when they step on the skateboard, the skateboard goes forward, and their body goes backward. They cant control this motion; hence they fall from the skateboard.

You can place the skateboard on the grass. That way, the wheels won’t move on their own, and you can practice standing on your skateboard. If you don’t have grass near you, you can use a wheel grabber to keep your skateboard wheels in one place.

Enhance your mental activity

Before standing on your skateboard, you have to believe that you can do that. Simply believing this will boost your confidence level so high that you will be able to achieve this.

For example, when I started learning how to skate, it used to be terrifying for me. But tons of practice made it possible for me.

Finding a comfortable stance

You need to be comfortable with your stance. When we walk or run, our feet stay straight. But in skateboarding, it’s different. Your feet will be sideways, and it might feel awkward to you in the beginning.

But you have to become comfortable in this stance. The more comfortable you are, the better your chances will be not to fall from the skateboard.

Decide whether you are regular or goofy

On your skateboard, you will either be regular or goofy. You will hear these two terms a lot, so let me break them down for you.

Regular means your front foot will be your left foot. And goofy means your front foot will be right foot. You will push your skateboard with your right foot in a regular stance. You will push the skateboard with your left foot in a goofy stance.

So, you need to decide which stance is more comfortable for you. Neither is incorrect. Different skater is comfortable with different stance.

Have shoulder distance between your feet

When you stand on your skateboard, make sure you have enough distance between your legs. Unfortunately, many beginners don’t leave enough space.

A good rule of thumb is leaving at least one shoulder distance between two feet. That way, you will be able to balance more and won’t fall from the skateboard.

Bend your Knees

Another trick of standing on your skateboard is bending your knees. If you stand straight then, you will have less balance. But if you bend your knees, then you will have more balance.

Also, just imagine falling from the skateboard while you were standing tall. You’ll hurt yourself more. But if you bend your knees, you will be close to the ground, and even if you fall, you will hurt less.

Keep your head in the moving direction

When you’re standing on your skateboard and giving it a small push, you should keep your eyes forward. You should not look at your feet or skateboard. Many beginners make this mistake as they feel more vulnerable looking forward.

But this is a bad practice. Instead, do small baby steps at a time, but keep your head in the direction your skateboard is moving.

Step onto the board carefully

When you step on your skateboard, keep your front foot straight. Your front foot should be on top of the truck, and then you can put your back foot as well.

If you feel less confident, you can place your skateboard near a railing and hold that railing with your hands and then stand on the skateboard. Then slowly get off. Do this couple of times until you feel comfortable.

Make small feet adjustments

When standing on the skateboard, you don’t need to be stiff and rigid. You can move your feet and make small adjustments if you want.

The main goal is to make yourself so comfortable that you can get on the skateboard and won’t fall from there if you don’t have any support around you. Be careful putting weight on the wheels.

Use the grip tape for traction

Your grip tape on the skateboard is there for a reason. Grip tape keeps your feet stuck to the skateboard. That’s why in a new skateboard, you will feel a more sticky feeling as the grip tape is new.

As days pass, the grip tape will lose its traction because it will get dirty from riding. You need to clean the grip tape from time to time. Check this article on how to clean skateboard grip tape if you don’t know the process.

Avoid tail and nose

When you are just learning to stand on the skateboard, it’s better to avoid the tail and nose portion. The reason behind this is, these portions can tilt the board quickly. And if you don’t have enough balance or experience, you might fall from the tilt or jump. That’s why avoid the nose and tail until you get confident.

Use your hand for adjusting air balance

You can use your hand for balance when you’re standing on the skateboard. Keep your hands in the air and whenever you feel like falling, just adjust your hands accordingly. This should help you to balance on the skateboard.

Choose comfortable shoes

Riding skateboard can damage your shoe. When you try to perform tricks, you will use your shoe to slide in the grip tape more and more. The continuous collision with grip tape and shoes will eventually wear them down.

But that’s also a sign that you’re doing practice. There are certain shoes in the market which will last longer. You can choose one of them while riding the skateboard.

Choose comfortable pants

Don’t wear tight pants while riding a skateboard. You will move your lower body a lot, that’s why wearing tighter pants can be a disadvantage. Instead, wear such pants that will allow you to move easily.

Wear protective gears

As you are just starting to learn to skateboard, you must wear all sorts of protective gear. Knee pad, elbow pad, wrist guard, helmet don’t miss any of these things.

It will take just one accident to hurt yourself. If you don’t wear protective gear, you’ll eventually fall and hurt yourself pretty badly.

Avoid playing tricks at the start

When you visit the skate park, you will see tons of skaters doing awesome tricks with their skateboards. You may get this urge to try new tricks as well. There’s no hurry, don’t hurt yourself.

Just learning how to stand on your skateboard doesn’t mean you can do a kickflip. It will happen, but it will take time. So slow down, practice yourself. Don’t rush into doing tricks.

Set down your feet over the trucks

If you look carefully at your skateboard, you will see eight-round shade of metal. Those are the top parts of bolts attached to your skateboard truck. Practice stepping your feet on the trucks. That portion will give you the maximum stability on the skateboard. You will be able to balance yourself more.


Now that you know how to stand on a skateboard go out there and practice more and make your stance perfect. You have to remember that no skater is born professional. You have to put in hard work and sweat to reach that level.

I also have some other articles on riding a skateboard if you haven’t checked out. Check them if you can, and happy skating.

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