How to Hold a Skateboard Like a Pro

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You’re done riding your skateboard in the skatepark; now you want to carry it towards your house. How do you carry it? How to hold a skateboard in the first place? While there’s no perfect way to carry it, I will share some of the most common practices among skaters. I’ll share some pros and cons of each one as well. Then it’s up to you how you want to hold your skateboard.

Mall grab

First, let me tell you, there’s a bit of controversy with this one. Many skaters in the community think this holding method is a sin. I personally don’t see any problem with it.

The mall grab technique is holding your skateboard by the truck. You grab the middle of the truck and let the skateboard hang in your hand. The grip tape will be inside, meaning it will be facing your body. And the graphic side will be outside so that people can see the graphic and appreciate your taste.

A lot of beginner skaters hold their skateboards like this. For me, I think as long as it’s convenient to carry, one can hold.

Let’s move on to the following method.

Holding skateboard with grip tape in

The method name pretty much explains it. You will hold the skateboard, and the grip tape will be facing you. You will hold the middle part of the skateboard. Grip tape will touch your t-shirts/pants a lot. So there’s a problem with your clothes getting dirty. Also, continuous collision with the cloth can wear the grip tape down.

If you’re not concerned about your clothes getting dirty, then this is undoubtedly a way to hold your skateboard.

Holding skateboard with grip tape out

This is just the opposite of the previous method. You will hold the skateboard in the middle as usual. But the grip tape will be facing outwards. This way, the dirt on your grip tape won’t be on your clothes, and grip tape won’t wear down as it won’t be touching your clothes.

Pinching the skateboard

A lot of skaters use this method to hold their skateboards. It’s basically pinching your skateboard by the end of the deck. However, this technique requires constant pressure on your hand palm, and after some time, you may feel your hand getting numb.

Skateboard backpack

If you don’t want to hold your skateboard and are too tired to carry it, you can always have one of those skateboard backpacks. The specialty of this bag pack is it has dedicated space for your skateboard. It’s beneficial when you have tons of things to carry. You can keep your day-to-day accessories in the bag and attach the skateboard outside your bag.

Holding skateboard over the shoulder

You can carry your skateboard on your shoulder. There are two ways to do this. Holding your skateboard with both your hands. This can be one way. You can use one hand also if you need to carry something else and need one hand free. 

The skateboard will rest on your shoulder this way. Your t-shirt might get dirty, especially the top portion. Nevertheless, it’s also a fun way to carry your skateboard.

Holding skateboard with cycle

If you’re riding your cycle and you want to hold your skateboard, having a pillion seat in your cycle will help a lot. That way, you can just strap the skateboard to your pillion seat.

If there’s no pillion seat available, your can strap your skateboard with the middle rod. This will work on many cycles.

There are not too many downsides to these methods. Sure some techniques will make your clothes dirtier, and some ways will not be energy efficient. At the end of the day, you need the find a good mixture of what works for you.

How to Transport a Skateboard

There are a few things to consider when transporting your skateboard. You want to make sure you have a safe and secure way to transport your skateboard, whether you’re taking it on the bus, train, or even just carrying it around town. Here are a few tips on how to transport your skateboard:

  • Make sure your skateboard is in a bag or case. This will protect your skateboard from getting damaged and will also make it easier to carry.
  • When carrying your skateboard, make sure the grip tape is facing up. This will prevent the grip tape from getting scratched or damaged.
  • If you’re taking your skateboard on the bus or train, make sure you put it in a bag or case so it doesn’t get stolen.
  • When carrying your skateboard around town, be careful of obstacles like curbs and steps. You don’t want to damage your skateboard by hitting something with it.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to transport your skateboard safely and securely. skating is a great way to get around town, but you need to be careful when carrying your skateboard so you don’t damage it.

Importance of Having a Skateboard Bag Pack

A skateboard bag pack is an important accessory for every skater. It not only keeps your skateboard protected but also makes it easier to carry around.

A good skateboard bag should have enough space to accommodate your skateboard, helmet, pads, and other skating accessories. It should also be durable and well-padded to protect your skateboard from bumps and scratches.

And finally, it should be comfortable to carry so you can skate without worrying about your bag pack.


Though there are tons of debate on how to hold a skateboard, you shouldn’t think of them too much. Just grab your skateboard the way you want. Go through all the methods I’ve shared in this guide and check for yourself which one suits you the best.

Which method are you most comfortable with? Then, just go with that method. Skateboarding is all about enjoying the journey.

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