What Happened to Unstop After Shark Tank India?

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What is Unstop?

India has many graduates seeking job placement. But they are not getting proper jobs. Unstop is a platform where companies can register themselves and recruit talent from the entire India.

Companies can hold a tournament where all the job-seeking participants can register and compete in the preliminary rounds. If they perform well in the preliminary rounds then they’ll be able to go to the finale.

Companies can discover emerging talents. They can talk to them and assess their qualifications. After checking their qualifications, these companies can hire them and grow their workforce.

Companies have been organizing hackathons for a long time. But previously it was limited to only a particular institute. But now, with the help of Unstop, Companies can organize hackathons and 100,000 students can take part in that.

Isn’t that great?

At any given time, more than 1500+ live opportunities are happening on Unstop, which you can take benefit of by participating. One can get a job if they win these competitions. There are cash & products also as winning gifts.

Not only companies, but students can launch their college cultural programs in Unstop also. By doing this they are growing their network and Unstop is getting new users. Also, Unstop is getting future job seekers. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Who is the Founder of Unstop?

Ankit Aggarwal is the founder of Unstop. Unstop was previously branded as Dare2Compete. But later it was rebranded as Unstop.

How much money did he ask for Unstop?

He came to Shark Tank India seeking ₹1 Crore for 1% equity in the company. Which gives the company a valuation of ₹100 Crores.

Unstop Before Shark Tank India?

Unstop has reached 10,000+ colleges and 40 Lakhs students are currently registered on Unstop. The website has 100,000 daily active users.

Namita raised a concern about the hackathons. She wondered how Unstop tracked students in case of cheating. Because when students are participating in campus hackathons, there’s no chance of cheating. Because everyone is around you.

But when you’re participating in a hackathon online, the chance of cheating gets very high.

To tackle this problem, Unstop tracks the face all the time. It makes sure the person who registered is the same person doing the work in the competition.

Cost Per Hire for “X”Price
Other Hiring Platforms1-month salary
Unstop₹10,000 ~ ₹15,000

The success rate of hiring98%
Renewal rate93%
Average revenue per company per year₹10 ~ ₹12 Lakhs

What are the Annual Sales of Unstop?

Fiscal YearAnnual Sales
2021 – 2022₹16 Crores
2022 – 2023₹30 ~ ₹35 Crores Projected

Equity Structure of Unstop

Ankit Aggarwal91%
Employees of Unstop9%

Unit Economics of Unstop

Unstop earns from the companies. They don’t charge anything to the students. Gross margin is 90% and EBITDA is 30%.

When a company organizes a competition Unstop charges ₹100 ~ ₹150 per student that registers. If 10,000 students participate in the competition, then that company will give Unstop ₹10 ~ ₹15 Lakhs.

Which shark gave Unstop an offer?

Amit Jain gave the 1st offer. He offered ₹5 Crores for 10% equity. But he gave the offer under the condition that the founder couldn’t hear anyone else offer.

The founder politely declined the offer and wanted to hear everyone else’s offer.

Vineeta Singh was out because the business model didn’t appeal to her that much.

Aman Gupta & Namita Thapar offered ₹60 Lakhs for 1% and ₹40 Lakhs debt.

Anupam Mittal offered ₹1 Crore for 2%. There’s no debt in Anupam’s offer.

Amit Jain offered ₹2.5 Crores for 5% of the company. Anupam Mittal joined Amit’s offer.

Offer 1Offer 2Offer 3Offer 4Offer 5
Aman Gupta & Namita Thapar – ₹60 Lakhs for 1% and ₹40 Lakhs debtAnupam Mittal – ₹1 Crore for 2%Amit Jain – ₹2.5 Crores for 5%Amit Jain & Anupam Mittal – ₹2.5 Crores for 5%Anupam Mittal, Amit Jain, Aman Gupta & Namita Thapar – ₹2 Crores for 4%

Finally, they gave a revised offer. All four sharks offered ₹2 Crores for 4%. Which gave the valuation ₹50 Crores.

Company NameUnstop
FounderAnkit Aggarwal
Asked Amount₹1 Crore for 1%
Final Deal₹2 Crores for 4%
SharksAnupam Mittal, Amit Jain, Aman Gupta & Namita Thapar
Company Net Worth₹50 Crores
Company Websiteunstop.com
Company StatusIn Business

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