What Happened to RoadBounce After Shark Tank India?

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What is RoadBounce?

RoadBounce is a mobile application that measures car vibration. Using the data, the application creates a road map. The application has 50,000 km worth of data.

With the help of RoadBounce, users can know beforehand the condition of the road ahead and act accordingly.

Who is the Founder of RoadBounce?

Ranjeet Deshmukh is the founder of RoadBounce. He’s a developer himself.

RoadBounce Before Shark Tank India?

RoadBounce already made a device for the Singapore government. The device could detect potholes in the road.

RoadBounce currently works as a service model. The potential clients for this device are road contractors & the Government. RoadBounce has a patent on this.

How much money did he ask for on the pitch?

He came to Shark Tank India seeking ₹80 Lakhs for 10% equity in the company RoadBounce. Which gives the company a valuation of ₹8 Crores.

How to get RoadBounce?

You can go to the Google Play Store and download the mobile application. Till now it has been downloaded 5000+ times.

You can see the road conditions on the map.

Market size

The survey cost of roads is around ₹100 ~ ₹150 Crores per year in India. So, there’s a small market to play with for RoadBounce.

What are the Annual Sales of RoadBounce?

Fiscal YearAnnual Sales
2019 – 2020₹1.5 Crore
2020 – 2021₹30 Lakhs
2021 – 2022₹2.5 Crores

Which shark gave RoadBounce an offer?

Anupam Mittal was out. He thought an existing big player could gather all the data and supply it to the government freely.

Aman Gupta was out. He didn’t think the application was solving anything major.

Ashneer Grover was out.

Namita Thapar was out. She couldn’t understand the customer base.

Peyush Bansal was interested in the business. He offered him ₹80 Lakhs for 20%.

Offer 1
Peyush Bansal – ₹80 Lakhs for 20%

What deal did RoadBounce get in Shark Tank India?

RoadBounce got a deal from Peyush Bansal in Shark Tank India. The deal was ₹80 Lakhs for 20%.

Company Name RoadBounce
Founder Ranjeet Deshmukh
Asked Amount ₹80 Lakhs for 10%
Final Deal ₹80 Lakhs for 20%
Shark Peyush Bansal
Company Net Worth ₹4 Crores
Company Website roadbounce.com
Company Status In Business

What is the net worth of RoadBounce?

The net worth of RoadBounce is ₹4 Crores.

Is RoadBounce still in Business?

Yes, RoadBounce is still in the road surveying business.

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