What Happened to The Simply Salad After Shark Tank India?

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Deep down we all want to be fit. And what do we need to eat to become fit? Healthy food of course.

And what comes to our mind whenever we think of healthy food? A bucket of salad with all those green vegetables.

But most of the time these salads don’t seem appealing or tasty. That’s the problem Payal Pathak is solving with her son Soham Payal Pathak.

Who is the Founder of The Simply Salad?

Payal Pathak & Soham Payal Pathak founded The Simply Salad. She founded this in 2020 and to date completed over 35,000 orders.

How much money did they ask for The Simply Salad?

She came to Shark Tank India with her son seeking ₹30 Lakhs in exchange for 10% equity in the company. Which gives the company a valuation of ₹3 Crores. They want to open more outlets in Ahmedabad and capture the city.

Let me give you a bit back story of the founder, she’s a single mother and raised Soham single-handedly. That’s why Soham decided to use her mother’s name as his last name.

How to get The Simply Salad?

Abroad, salad tends to be expensive, but The Simply Salad is offering affordable delicious salad for you. You can opt-in for weekly and monthly subscriptions. That way you don’t need to order every day manually. You can get the salad from Zomato and Swiggy also.

Weekly SubscriptionMonthly Subscription
₹180 Per Day₹150 Per Day

You can check their website where you’ll get random offers every now and then.

The Simply Salad is a cloud kitchen based in Ahmedabad. Each magic salad bowl is rich in protein, low in carbs, high in fiber, low in calories, and low in fat. So many highs and lows in 1 sentence.

How did The Simply Salad start?

Payal was a cabin crew. But the job wasn’t giving her much satisfaction. So, she started a paying guest business. This business model was paying her quite well.

The pandemic hit her hard and all the paying guests left. She was devastated. She started brainstorming what she could do to support herself.

Then she remembered people were using Swiggy and Zomato a lot, so why not make a food business?

She was good at healthy food cooking. That’s why she took this skillset and started making healthy salads. Which eventually became The Simply Salad.

Soham Payal Pathak takes care of the finance, operations & social media part of the business. And Payal Pathak cooks the business. That sounded wrong, but you know what I meant.

All the sharks tasted the salad, and all appreciated it very much. Aman Gupta is not much of a fan of salad, but he still tried some.
The Simply Salad is doing ₹4.42 Lakhs of monthly sales.

Currently, they don’t spend anything on marketing. They have an Instagram page which brings organic traffic. It has 22k followers.

Which shark gave The Simply Salad an offer?

Aman Gupta & Vineeta Singh gave the 1st offer. Which was ₹30 Lakhs for 10%. Just what they asked for.

Aman Gupta & Vineeta Singh – ₹30 Lakhs for 10%

Namita Thapar was out. She thought they already got the best offer.

Anupam Mittal was out also. But before that, he gave some great advice to them.

Peyush Bansal was out also. He was impressed that they were making money on a subscription model business and wished them good luck.

Company NameThe Simply Salad
FounderPayal Pathak & Soham Payal Pathak
Asked Amount₹30 Lakhs for 10%
Gross Margin64%
Net Margin47%
Final Deal₹30 Lakhs for 10%
SharksAman Gupta & Vineeta Singh
Current Net Worth₹3 Crores
Company Websitewww.thesimplysalad.com
Company StatusIn Business

They took the deal and it was very heart-wrenching to see this deal having a happy end.

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