Pangong Lake – All You Need to Know

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If you watched 3 Idiots movie, then there’s no need to give any introduction to Pangong Lake. After it first aired on 3 Idiots, the popularity of this place skyrocketed. People from different parts of the world have visited this place.

This blog will be a detailed guide on not only Pangong Lake but also the journey from Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake. It will take around 5 hours to reach Pangong Lake, so the earlier morning you can start the journey, the better.

The road towards Pangong Lake is quite dangerous. Make sure the driver you have is skilled and knowledgeable about the road. Because the road will have narrow paths, stoned paths.

In July and August, some roads will submerge under water. That time crossing the roads will become very difficult. It’s another reminder to plan your travel time keeping in mind this atmospheric issue.

In this place, another famous Bollywood movie was shot. Can you guess the movie?

It’s Jab Tak Hain Jaan. There’s also a sign stating that particular point so that tourists can take pictures with it.

When you’re driving on this road, you have to be extra cautious. Because the amount of good roads is really low, most roads are filled with stones, making it harder to drive.

But after this hectic road journey, the end result will be worth it. What is the end result? The Pangong Lake and the watercolor.

The color of the water of Pangong Lake is so blue that it will blow your mind. It’s so blue, that it feels like out of this world.

Do you remember the yellow scooter from 3 Idiots? You can actually take pictures posing on it as it’s available in Pangong Lake. But it will cost you ₹50 rupees. Also, you can take pictures with 3 bums. That will cost you ₹40 rupees.

The amount isn’t much, but the memory you will create here will be cherished forever.

On your way back to Leh, you can visit Thikse Monastery and Rancho’s school.

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