Best Places to Visit in Ladakh

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This will be the ultimate guide on Ladakh city that you’ll ever find on the internet.

As Leh City is quite high in altitude, it’s advised that you keep your luggage as low as possible. Because when you’re traveling from one destination to another, you need to carry your luggage also.

Traveling at high altitudes is always challenging. So, there’s no point in making it more difficult by adding more weight.

While traveling in Ladakh, you will realize that the roads are actually quite nice. If people blindfold me, there’s absolutely no way I can tell whether I’m in such a high-altitude place like Ladakh or any modern city.

Ladakh also has a university, it’s called Leh University. It’s in the middle of the desert. You can see huge mountains behind Leh University.

One might wonder, when should one visit Ladakh? People can either visit in Summertime or Wintertime. But the thing about Ladakh is that, even in Summertime you will feel extremely cold and you will need a jacket to keep yourself warm.

Magnetic Hills
In Leh, there are magnetic hills that you can explore. There are quad bikes and tracks. You can ride them if you want. This can be a sightseeing place.

Sangam Point
This can be the 2nd sightseeing place. This is called Sangam point because at this point 2 rivers have met. The river’s names are the Indus & Zanskar river.

In Sangam point there’s Sangam Café. You can take a rest there. You will be amazed to see the 2 rivers meeting point. The color of each river is different and it will surely mesmerize you.

If you seek more adventure then you can do river rafting also. But keep in mind the water will be too cold. And during river rafting, it’s very normal to have water splash on your body.

Shanti Stupa
Another popular sightseeing spot is Shanti Stupa. You can take your car to Shanti Stupa without any problem, there’s no need to walk or anything.

But keep in mind that Shanti Stupa can’t be accessed after 8 pm. So, whatever exploring you have in mind be sure to complete that within 8 pm.

You’ve to buy a ticket to Shanti Stupa. The ticket price is ₹30 rupees. The entire money will be used for Shanti Stupa maintenance, so, you’re actually contributing to maintenance by visiting the place.

In Ladakh, you’ll hear Azan from time to time as there are many mosques in the city. In Shanti Stupa you can eat noodles and snacks if you want. You can get an amazing view from the top of Shanti Stupa.

Shanti Stupa is mainly a prayer building for Buddhist people. You can see the entire Leh city from Shanti Stupa. It’s famous for its view.

There’s also another sightseeing spot called Gurudwara.

Leh Palace
Another popular sightseeing place is Leh Palace. To enter the palace you need to purchase a ticket. The ticket will cost ₹25 rupees. The history of the Leh Palace is written very nicely. If you want, you can read the entire history there.

There are some hanging barandas in the Leh palace. But to be honest, there’s nothing significant in the Leh palace. If you have high expectations that there’ll be many souvenirs from the ancient king and queen, then you might be disappointed a bit.

If you want you can skip this place and save energy for the next day.
When you’re in Leh, keep in mind that the weather can change anytime. Make sure you’ve adequate clothes on you so that you don’t feel uncomfortable.

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