Kyokushin Karate Training – Journey of Getting Orange Belt

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Since I was a little boy, I have always wanted to learn karate. I used to watch a lot of Jackie Chan movies. And whenever he used to dodge his opponents and beat them with bare hands, that attracted me so much. 

I always wondered what it would be like to know martial arts someday. This was my dream that I would learn this art even for a year. Of course, I don’t want to be a black belt, as that will take a lot of time and dedication. But I wanted to learn some basics of it.

Kyokushin Karate

As I was scrolling my Facebook, I came across one post. One of my friends posted a pic in her dogi. Dogi means karate dress. 

I didn’t know she was into karate, so I checked a couple of her photos. To my utter surprise, I saw she’s been training for a while, and when I asked her where she was training, she replied she’s learning Kyokushin karate. 

I didn’t know what Kyokushin karate was. So I googled it. I found out it was full-contact karate. It was founded in Japan by Mas Oyama. So it was a full-contact martial art, and I suddenly got very interested to learn this art.

Kyokushin Karate Training


So I started learning Kyokushin karate, and I got the white belt at first. For those who don’t know, there are in total 7 belts in Kyokushin karate, from white to black. 

The sequence is

white > orange > blue > yellow > green > brown > black. 

When someone new joins the academy, he is given a white belt, and he needs to pass a belt test to promote to the next belt.

Belt Test

You must be wondering now what is belt test. A belt test is a test where the sensei will measure how much you’ve accomplished through training. There will be multiple categories, and each category has different marks. 

You have to perform everything, and after the test, all your scores will be added. If you obtain the pass marks, you will be promoted, and you will get the next belt. 

If you don’t pass, you have to give the belt test again next time. Normally 3 belt tests used to happen in one calendar year. That means you get to participate in a test after 4 months. 

If you have a white belt and pass the belt test, you will get the orange belt. So that’s how it works.

Category in Belt Test

There are multiple categories in a belt test, like strength & stamina training, Kihon Keiko, kata, breaking & fighting.

Strength & stamina Training

There are multiple exercises that one needs to perform in the belt test. Like jumping jacks, squats, push up, jump rope, standing upside down, body stretching, punching, kicking in the bag etc.


There are multiple punches we practice in the training period. You will basically learn how to move your hand. How to make a fist, and how to perform different punches. You will also learn where to hit your opponent to get the maximum damage.


There are multiple kicks that you will learn under this category. I like the kick Mawashi Geri most. It’s a roundhouse kick. If done properly, it can end the fight then and there.


Kata is a continuous movement when one has to perform different steps. Each participant has to perform a couple of kata in the belt test. There is a lot of katas. 

For example, someone who just started in Kyokushin karate training has to learn these 6/7 katas,

  • Taikyoku Sono Ichi
  • Taikyoku Sono Ni
  • Taikyoku Sono San
  • Sokugi Taikyoku Sono Ichi
  • Sokugi Taikyoku Sono Ni
  • Sokugi Taikyoku Sono San

You may be wondering what kind of name is this. 

Well, these are Japanese names. The First 3 kata is similar, and the last 3 kata is similar. You can search any name on YouTube and see for yourself how it is performed.


There will be moments when one needs to block a move in a fight. For example, suppose your opponent has punched or kicked you. If you know how to block, you can minimize the damage. 

That’s why a lot of blocks are taught in the training period. Some blocks are dedicated for blocking punches, and some are dedicated for blocking kicks and so on.


There’s a part called breaking where one has to break wooden boards. There are 4 types of breaking.

  • Breaking board with a punch, elbow, hand palm & leg.


There’s also a part in the belt test called fighting. One has to fight multiple opponents in the fight. The duration of each fight is one minute. The white belt will have to face four fights.

Orange belt has to face five fights. The senior the member is, the more fights they have to face. If one can eliminate the opponent, he will win and get more points. 

In the fight, the sensei checks how each person is also performing. Whether someone is using all the techniques he learnt in four months is monitored.


There are also fun activities done during this training period. For example, in one calendar year, normally there’s two camping.

One is summer camp, and the other one is winter camp. During these two occasions, sensei take the students near the sea or mountain to train near nature. It’s one life-changing experience.


I completed only one belt test, and currently, I have an orange belt in my arsenal. Unfortunately, I don’t train anymore. 

In total, I think I’ve trained for one whole year. But the experiences I got from there were amazing, which will help me my entire life. 

I encourage everyone to go through this training program and learn some basic martial arts techniques. It’s really amazing what a single person can do. The sky is the limit.

I hope now you have some solid information about kyokushin karate training.

If you’re interested in karate, kung fu, or any other martial arts form, I encourage you to do it even for six months. It will change the way you see the world, I guarantee.

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