What Happened to Girgit After Shark Tank India?

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What is Girgit?

Girgit is a color-changing product store. The store has a wide variety of products. Whether you’re a kid, man, or woman, you’ll find something suitable for you in the Girgit store.

The color-changing clothes can get different colors when lukewarm water is poured on them. The color-changing shoes can get different colors when they are out in the sunlight.

Who is the Founder of Girgit?

Pooja Bajaj Shah is the founder of Girgit. Benoy Shah is her husband and mentor in the business. Pooja is the CEO and owns 100% equity in the business.

Pooja used to be a teacher & coordinator at a leading international school. She likes to spend time with kids. She has a family business in textiles.

She had a ready manufacturing unit that she could use. Also, she got to know about color-changing pigments from his husband. She combined all those things together and formed Girgit.

Girgit Before Shark Tank India?

Girgit store has sold more than 3000 products. It has reached more than 1800 customers.

How much money did they ask for on the pitch?

They came to Shark Tank India seeking ₹20 Lakhs for 10% equity in their company Girgit. Which gives the company a valuation of ₹2 Crores.

How to get Girgit?

You can get all the Girgit products on their brand website.

Unit Economics of Girgit

The shoe for kids & adults costs ₹2000 & ₹3000 respectively. Their gross margin is 79%.

What are the Annual Sales of Girgit?

Their sales in 1 year was ₹58 Lakhs.

June 2022₹5 Lakhs
July 2022₹7.5 Lakhs
August 2022₹8.5 Lakhs

Which shark gave Girgit an offer?

Anupam Mittal was out. He couldn’t figure out how to grow this business.

Peyush Bansal was out. He thought there’d be issues scaling the business.

Aman Gupta was out. He agreed with Peyush Bansal.

Vineeta Singh was out. She thought making this company big would be challenging as the USP is a color-changing ability.

Namita Thapar was interested in the business. She thought having the supply chain cracked could play a huge role in making the business big. She offered them ₹20 Lakhs for 20% equity in the company. She valued the company at ₹1 Crore.

Offer 1
Namita Thapar – ₹20 Lakhs for 20%

What deal did Girgit get in Shark Tank India?

Girgit got a deal from Namita Thapar in Shark Tank India. The deal was ₹20 Lakhs for 20%.

Company Name Girgit
Founder Pooja Bajaj Shah
Asked Amount ₹20 Lakhs for 10%
Final Deal ₹20 Lakhs for 20%
Shark Namita Thapar
Company Net Worth ₹1 Crore
Company Website www.girgitstore.com
Company Status In Business

What is the net worth of Girgit?

The net worth of Girgit is ₹1 Crore.

Is Girgit still in Business?

Yes, Girgit is still in the color-changing product business.

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