What Happened to Broomees After Shark Tank India?

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What is Broomees?

In India, to maintain a house, we need help from outside. We need help with cooking, cleaning the house, or babysitting. But getting a maid who can do all these is really tough.

That’s where Broomees steps in. It will provide you professional cook, babysitter, or any help that you need.

Who is the Founder of Broomees?

Niharika Jain, Saurav, Vaibhav Agrawal are the founders of Broomees. It has its own website & application. Anything you want just sign up in Broomees, and it will provide you the help as soon as possible. 

Till now, they’ve offered their services in 5000 houses.

Saurav & Vaibhav are college friends. They worked together on a couple of projects. Vaibhav is the CEO, and Saurav is the COO. Niharika looks after customer acquisition, strategy, and marketing.

Equity structure of the company


How much money did they raise for Broomees?

They have raised 2 rounds till now.

Money RaisedValuation
₹4.2 Crores₹28 Crores
₹7 Crores₹35 Crores

Their monthly burn is ₹20 Lakhs.

How much money did they ask for Broomees?

They started Broomees in 2020. They came to Shark Tank India seeking ₹80 Lakhs for 2% equity in the company. Which gives the company a valuation of ₹40 Crores.

But you might be wondering, why a housemaid ties up with this platform. What’s in it for them?

Well, Broomees provides them with a number of opportunities that they won’t get otherwise.

Broomees provide them;

  1. Interest-free loans when needed.
  2. Child education so that they can take care of their children.
  3. Health insurance so that they can take care of themselves.
  4. Female hygiene products.
  5. An opportunity to earn 3x more salary.

They source the workers on two channels.

  1. They have a worker app. They use the app to get workers from online places.
  2. They have training centers. They do different campaigns from time to time. Through that, they get more workers.

While getting new workers onboard, they contact their ex-employers and take their feedback.

They have two applications to run the process. Worker app & customer app. Everything can be done within the app. 

The contracts are made between (1) the worker & broomees and (2) the Customer & Broomees.

They are getting 250+ requests every single month. And they can complete two-thirds of that.

Which shark gave Broomees an offer?

Aman Gupta & Namita Thapar gave a combined offer. They offer ₹80 Lakhs for 3% equity in the company. Peyush Bansal joined that offer.

Offer 1Offer 2
Anupam Mittal – ₹80 Lakhs for 2%Aman Gupta, Peyush Bansal & Namita Thapar – ₹80 Lakhs for 3%

Vineeta Singh was out because she thought this was more of an execute-quickly gameplay. If any big player wants to enter this industry, then it can easily eliminate all other players.

Anupam Mittal was impressed with the entrepreneur, especially Niharika. He offered ₹80 Lakhs for 2%, just what they asked.

Company NameBroomees
FoundersNiharika Jain, Saurav, Vaibhav Agrawal
Asked Amount₹80 Lakhs for 2%
Final Deal₹1 Crore for 3%
SharksAman Gupta, Peyush Bansal & Namita Thapar
Company Net Worth₹33.33 Crores
Company Websitebroomees.com
Company StatusIn Business

What deal did Broomees get in Shark Tank India?

The deal was closed at ₹1 Crore for 3%. Which gave the company a valuation of ₹33.33 Crores.

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