What Happened to 35mm Co After Shark Tank?

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What is 35mm Co?

35mm Co is a reusable film camera company based in Australia. 35mm Co is available in the major retail stores in Australia.

The camera is really easy to use. Other similar cameras out there in the market are disposable whereas this camera is reusable.

After taking photos, you need to go to a film processing lab to get your photos. The normal turnaround time is usually a couple of hours.

Who is the Founder of 35mm Co?

Madi is the founder of 35mm Co. She is 23 years old. She’s from Melbourne.

35mm Co Before Shark Tank Australia?

She started the business 1.5 years ago in August 2021. To date, she has sold more than 40k units of cameras.

She listed a vintage film camera on Facebook for $50 but ended up selling it for $250. That’s when she realized there was a market for these vintage film cameras. She started selling these cameras on Facebook and later formed her own company.

35mm Co doesn’t have any competitors that can cater to the Gen Z market at the moment.

How much money did she ask for on the pitch?

She came to Shark Tank Australia seeking $300k for 10% equity in her company 35mm Co. Which gives the company a valuation of $3 million.

With the investments, she wanted to go live in the USA retail market.

How much money did she raise for 35mm Co?

She invested $50k of her own money to develop the film camera. It’s a bootstrapped company. She owns 100% of the company.

How to get 35mm Co?

You can get the camera from the brand website. It’s also available on Amazon.

Unit Economics of 35mm Co

The price of these cameras ranges from $143.95 to $154.95. The net profit is 10%. She spent $20k on advertisements on different social media platforms.

What are the Annual Sales of 35mm Co?

The lifetime revenue of 35mm Co is $3.6 million.

Which shark gave 35mm Co an offer?

Davie Fogarty was out. He thought she needed to hire some people who could help her handle the finance side of the business.

Catriona Wallace was out. She thought she didn’t need any investment at the moment.

Robert Herjavec was interested in the business. He offered her $300k for 15% equity in the business 35mm Co.

Jane Lu was also interested in the business. She offered Madi $300k for 10% equity in the business, just like she wanted.

Sabri Suby offered her $300k for 30% equity in the business 35mm Co.

Offer 1Offer 2Offer 3
Robert Herjavec – $300k for 15%Jane Lu – $300k for 10%Sabri Suby – $300k for 30%

Just like that, Madi had 3 offers on the table for 35mm Co.

What deal did 35mm Co get in Shark Tank Australia?

35mm Co. got a deal from Robert Herjavec & Jane Lu. The deal was $300k for 17.5% equity.

Company Name 35mm Co
Founder Madi
Asked Amount $300k for 10%
Final Deal $300k for 17.5%
Sharks Robert Herjavec & Jane Lu
Company Net Worth $1.71 million
Company Website 35mmco.com
Company Status In Business

What is the net worth of 35mm Co?

After the Shark Tank Australia deal, the net worth of 35mm Co is $1.71 million.

Is 35mm Co still in Business?

Yes, 35mm Co is still in the reloadable film camera business.

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